"She's nice, she's courteous, she's charismatic but has the strength of an army."


 I’m Mimmy Yeboah a self taught women’s evening wear designer.

 Fashion was introduced to me at a very early age, but at Parson’s New School it wasn’t early enough because boy... those other kids sure knew what they were doing! Any parent out there, please introduce your kids to any potential gifts/talents/ interest they may have. You will never regret it!


 I started attending Parsons at the age of eight. My dad was given free classes for his children to attend the pre- college classes as the schools employee (security). He decided to enroll my younger brother and I. Sounds exciting, right? Yikes, it wasn’t much excitement for us, but we went anyways (by force/ blessings in disguise). Parsons the New school is a great art school thinking about it now. We didn’t enjoy it much, honestly because we were two immigrant African kids new to art around a bunch of white talented kids, even some younger than us. They knew what they were doing, we didn’t. We didn’t even understand some of those fancy art terms. I mean we barely was getting the English. I honestly wish creative confidence was taught earlier in my life, but God works the way he works with purpose. We started with 2d then 3d art. Then my brother and I had to separate because it was time to chose our destinations. Our parents chose it for us. Lol. So I ended up in fashion. I learned how to see the human body, sketch it and put clothes on it via sketching or painting. I wasn’t great but skill was developed. 


While in the 10thgrade I believe, Parson classes ended for me and so did any interest I ever even had for fashion, or so I thought! I never stopped sketching. And I have all my sketchbooks to prove it. 


At the age of 20 trying to figure out my life, I decided to stick with fashion, what should I be afraid of? My sketches had gotten better, even though I was no longer being taught at Parsons. If it wasn’t meant to be, I totally would have forgotten how to sketch. That was my thoughts! So I went for it. Being blessed with $100 I was able to start working on my sewing skills. I bought a sewing machine and started hemming skirts I decided to make shorter. Then I started actually cutting fabrics to make pieces. I started with a top, then some skirts, then some pants, next thing you know I was making dresses. Youtube and books from Barnes and noble were my go to, oh yea and some guidance from a former tailor aka my mommy! 


My journey as a self taught designer has been nothing but the glory and blessings of God. I don’t come from a wealthy or un/conventional family who enjoys art. My dad had a second job at a major art school as a security guard. God did that. And I didn’t see it until later on in life. Finding my gift took me about 20 years and using my gift has been about 9 years, and I’m still learning. By the grace of God my work speaks for itself. It has come to the time where I shall truly show the world my gifts through my women’s wear.  


My life lessons have shaped me into becoming the woman you know as Mimmy Yeboah. Every woman must know that she is beautiful. Every woman must know that confidence is within. Every woman must know the sense of joy and charisma. Every woman will feel like herself. The ultimate you, is what I am looking to reveal once I dress you. 


Its 2020 and I no longer want to make boring dresses. The rebirth or should I say Confidence of Mimmy Yeboah is here.


Stay tuned.